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mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

prima di dormire - before going to sleep

Sono sdraiata sul mio letto, finestra aperta e zanzariera giù. Il ticchettio ritmico sempre diverso e sempre uguale della pioggia mi rilassa e lava via i pensieri della giornata. Un massaggio ai piedi, la lettura di qualche blog, parole appiccicate qua e là . L'ometto dorme nella stanza accanto e, attraverso la parete che ci separa, la beatitudine dei suoi sogni e del suo piccolo respiro giungono a me
buonanotte, mondo.

I'm liyng on my bed, window open and fly screen down. The rhythmical clicking sound of the rain, which is always different and yet always the same, relaxes me and washes away the thoughts of the day. A foot massage, the reading a few blogs, some words stuck here and there. My little boy is sleeping in the next room and through the wall that separates us, the bliss of his dreams and his little breath come to me.

goodnight, world.

7 commenti:

  1. Buona notte cara Franny...lasciamoci cullare da questa "ninna nanna" della natura!
    Ho sempre adorato il tichettio della pioggia sui vetri
    Ti auguro una buona giornata per domani.

  2. sounds like a lovely wonderful evening. I'm honored you used your time to come by and read and comment on my blog. :) I really REALLY like the link you left too, thank you!

    isn't it funny how KNOWING something doesn't mean its easy to live that knowledge?

    the past few weeks I've been getting some paperwork done for my and my son and having to re-tell the story of my relationship with his father and you think I'm smart, I know better...I knew better YET I still found myself in a situation I never thought I would be in and it took awhile to extricate myself. same with people leaving comments or even living everyday life - I can say I shouldn't be upset or affected by it, but I am still working on that absolute. ya know?

  3. tra le braccia della notte fai sogni d'arcobaleno!

  4. nina, I love coming by and reading and leaving comments on your blog. and when I don't do it, it simply means I didn't get to do it even if I would have liked it.

    about what you wrote, what can I say? life is a bit complicated sometimes. it really is.
    but sometimes it's us who see things much more complicated than they are.

    comments are simply someone else's opinions. you might like it or not. but let them spoil your mood or your life is maybe too much.

    anyway, I think you're great for what you do and how you live with your son. I really do.

    a big hug from the other side of the world to you both.

  5. cri, come dici le cose tu, nessuno!!!

    baci baci

  6. :* :*
    Uno per te e uno per l'ometto!


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